The whole thought process behind website design must change
to keep up with rapidly emerging mobile technologies.

We can add apps, videos, music, QR Codes and more to your website to make it a
place customers will want to come back to again and again!
--------------A Safe, Prosperous Internet Experience for you is Our Priority-----------
We give our clients a competitive edge by not listing all of our proprietary services on this site;
contact us so that we can give you the edge you need based on YOUR specific business needs.

High Performance Professional Web/Mobile Websites
We can custom design your website or add services to an existing website like mobile marketing tricks, GPS based advertising, community marketing, video, music to bring customers back again and to maximum search engine visibility. We work to understand your goals, target customers and implement electronic marketing solutions based on YOUR specific business needs.

Do It Yourself Website Design
Create your own website! Remember, no one will see your website if it is not marketed to search engines and mobile devices properly. If you need us to help you with the marketing aspects of web design, Linked Marketing Technologies can assist your new website in getting the maximum possible Internet & mobile device traffic!

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